About Us

Green Air Scents LLC founders Charlie Cabrera & Gary Thompson have been in the air scenting and odor control business for over 35 years combined.

Over the years they have experimented with and documented different fragrance applications and all types of scenting machines.

Their experience is hands on trial and error working closely with all types of industries and businesses: Property Management, Medical, Animal Grooming, Industrial, Amusement, Homes, Real Estate, Restaurants, Salons, Hotels,Fitness Rooms & Assisted Living etc.

Over the last 10 years the scenting industry has taken a dramatic leap into new technologies. However, there is a market for basic old school scenting ( fan machines) and also the new technology ( programmable dry vapor machines).

From this knowledge and experience, they have developed the best scents and machines that are easy to use, durable and very effective for different applications.

For instance, there are fresh scents, relaxing scents, energizing scents, warm scents etc. Products that will neutralize smoke odors, skunk smell, garbage, sewer odors or any foul, stinky smell.

Depending on what type of ambiance or odor control that you are looking for, Gary and Charlie will help you find the most effective solution.

They have established relationships with top quality manufacturers and suppliers such as Air Scent International to provide the very best products available; made to meet their high standards. This allows both Charlie and Gary to confidently say:

“You can trust us to provide you with the very best air freshener products and customer service.”