Scent Marketing For Your Business

Posted by CBreeze on 14th Jul 2019

Scent Marketing is a trendy "buzz word" for air freshener taken to another level. Many large corporations are using a signature scent to brand their business. Just like a visible logo. a particular ar … read more
Home Scenting Makes Good Scents!

Home Scenting Makes Good Scents!

Posted by C Breeze on 23rd Nov 2018

We all consider our home as our sanctuary, our castle, our safe place. But how does the smell of your home make you feel?You come home from a hard day, ready to relax, and you are greeted with what so … read more
Yummy Bakery Scents or Not?

Yummy Bakery Scents or Not?

Posted by C Breeze on 12th Sep 2018

When you walk into a bakery or doughnut shop, you cannot help but notice the enticing aroma of cinnamon rolls, scones, coffee, freshly made doughnuts etc. It all goes together so well. UNTIL... you go … read more

Scenting Your Business

Posted by C. Breeze on 25th Apr 2018

Through multiple studies and real life situations, it is overwhelmingly true that shoppers  prefer to have a pleasant scent. This gives them a more pleasant and positive shopping experience. The … read more

Bluetooth Air Freshener?

Posted by C. Breeze on 9th Jan 2018

Scenario: Company is due in 10 minutes and Rover just had an accident on the carpet. No need to panic. You clean up the mess and easily adjust the Aroma Beam scent level to 80%. This means that the in … read more