How many Scent Bars do I add?
For the Aroma Beam or the Scent Blaster, you can start with 1 Scent Bar for a small area
2 scent bars or more  if the area is larger or if there are strong odors to combat.
Remember to rotate scents every so often. You will become used to a certain scent when around it often.

You should add one Scent Bars every 2 - 4 weeks as needed.
Keep the existing bars in your dispenser for a longer lasting aroma. DO NOT exceed 5 bars in the Aroma Beam
as this will impeded the circulating air flow. Scent blaster will easily hold 3 bars.
 The scent can be adjusted up or down using the Bluetooth control level. 

How many square feet will the machines cover?
The electric SCENT BLASTER will cover 1000 square square feet or more very nicely. Many times much more depending on the the air flowing your area.  (If you have a ceiling fan, you will get even more coverage)
The Battery Scent Blaster will cover 400- 500 sq ft
It is good to rotate your scents periodically because you will become used to one fragrance.Just like working in a coffee shop, you will not smell coffee after an hour or so.

The Aroma Beam will easily cover up to 2000 square feet or more depending on the air flow. Best if the ceilings are not over 10 ft.

What are the best scents to use?

  Here are some general guidelines for using the most practical scent for each situation:
 Pet, Smoke - Garbage - No Smoke, Classic Linen,Cinnamon, Neutralizer
 Energizing - Orange Peel , Cinnamon, Grapefruit, Green Tea Lemongrass
 Cooking Odors - Grapefruit, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Neutralizer
 Musty or StaleClassic Linen, Neutralizer, Grapefruit, White Tea, Orange Frosty,
 Warm & Inviting - Cinnamon, ,Applejack, Hazelnut Coffee, Sugar Cookie
 Relaxing or Calm - Lavender, White Tea, Paradise Spa, Vanilla, Jasmine, 

How are your scent  products different from others?                                                    
First off, our Scent Bars are made fresh in small batches and infused with extra fragrance oil to create the
maximum aroma. In the fragrance industry if you look for something cheaper that is exactly what you get.
We take pride in providing you with the highest quality aromas at very fair and affordable pricing.No
messy aerosols or dangerous flames to contend with.

How do the Scent Machines work?
Our Aroma Beam and Scent Blaster work the same way. A quiet and powerful high speed van helps diffuse
the fragrant oil into the atmosphere. This is known as a dry evaporation...the essential oil scent is moved
through the air and leaves a light and pleasant essence.

Can I program the Machines?
  • The AROMA BEAM, AIR WHIFF & SCENT BREEZE can be easily programmed with the Bluetooth APPS. Scent Bridge for t the AROMA BEAM & Scent Marketing for the AIR WHIFF
  • The SCENT BLASTER is designed to work 24/7 or to save on scents, use our plug in timer.

What makes your products better?
We have field tested our scents and machines over a period of ten years and now have the best system that will out-perform candles, plug ins, aerosol sprays & reed diffusers

 This is based on field experience and listening to our customer feedback. We also provide a 30 day money back guarantee and a 2 year warranty on all parts!

Are your scents natural?
Our Scent Bars are made from plant  fiber materials and infused with a blend natural & synthetic fragrance oils & carriers.
 Some of these oils are naturally derived from fruits, flowers, herbs etc. However there are also some synthetics added in order to improve the quality and longevity. This also helps to preserve natural resources. Part of being green is not over using natural resources.
Our Scent Oils are also a blend of natural and synthetic material that are safe to use as directed.
We are also California V.O.C. compliant and California has the most stringent requirements in the USA.

Please contact us if you have any questions: