Fragrance Free Odor Control

Posted by Green team on 22nd Dec 2019

Fragrance-Free Scenting

There is an almost unlimited amount of scent choices today. You can scent your home or business with the aroma of coffee, grass, baked bread, lavender, cinnamon, or even crazy scents such as smelly socks, wet dog, outhouse etc.

Studies show that consumers prefer a pleasant aroma when entering a business. However some would like a fragrance free area or hotel room.

Granted, there are many people who like a light scent of vanilla, lavender or spiced apples to make a stay more pleasant for them. A good example is myself! Whenever I travel and stay in a hotel room, I bring along my Little Breezer portable  freshener. My favorite go to scent is cinnamon. 

If a room has an odor and it needs to be neutralize we offer an odorless solution with our Odorless Scent Bar. This protect contains Metaze  which has a positive charge that attracts negatively charged odor molecules. 

The odor molecules are encapsulated by the Metazene and rendered heavier than air. They are now neutralized and actually sink form the air to the floor. This advanced formula was developed by the scientific research team at our Air-Scent laboratories supplier.

Metazene itself is colorless totally fragrance-free odor neutralizer.

Here is a direct quote form the formulators:

"It is a combination of weight and chemical reaction that renders Metazene’s powers of odor neutralization so effective in its ability to neutralize malodors. Metazene molecules merge with foul odor molecules, which linger in the air and are lighter in weight. This bonding alters their electron configurations and negates their properties via a series of physiochemical processes, which include: hydrogen bonding, atom formation (adsorption) and encapsulation. These actions produce true odor neutralization as the lighter molecules sink and evaporate over time due to very low vapor pressure."


The Power of Metazene Non Scent Odor Neutralizer

Metazene is a  99% pure, colorless additive, which neutralizes smoke, stale, biological odors at a molecular levelby encapsulating the odor ( which is a lighter weight) and causes a hydrogen bond formation that causes the foul odor to sink and evaporate over a period of time. It is also formaldehyde free.

Odorless Neutralizer for Government, Medical & Commercial Facilities

For areas that require fragrance free odor neutralizers, our No Odor solution is ideal.It is in the form of a Scent Bar and can be sued in the Scent Blaster, Little Breezer or Aroma Beam dispensers.

Aroma Beam Fragrance-Free Air Diffuser System

The Fragrance-Free  Bluetooth Aroma Beam for areas up to 2500 square feet.