Home Scenting Why?

Posted by CBreeze on 18th Aug 2020

Each home has it own unique aroma, whether brand new or lived in. A new home will certainly have that new carpet and fresh paint aroma. There are also glue, insulation, grout and many other odors that will evaporate and create some weird smells.

Already lived in homes also have a variety of odor sources. Pets, garbage, older carpets, human  cooking, mildew etc. These odors of course should be removed as much as possible and then you can use a good air freshsneing system to make the atomosphere much more pleaseant.

How does this work?

Aroma goes through your nose  to your olfactory receptors and then your brains limbic system. This limbic area is associated with emotions and behavior. This has been studied extensively through sceintifuc testing. and the hospitality and restaurant business along with some retailers are highly aware of this. A pleasant aroma is shown to cause customers to linger longer and purchase more. Their over all experience is much better. Good music, beautiful decor and a pleasnt scent go hand in hand.  Also great service with smiling faces plays a huger role as well.

However, when exposed to a scent that is non life threatening, you your brain begins to turn off receptors that highlight that particular aroma. Each day, you become a little less sensitive to the same smell and eventually will not notice it. 

If you walk into a coffe shop, yyo will definitely smell the aroma of roasted coffe. However, stya ther for a few minutes and the smell wil me much less noticeable. 

Than  is why it is good to rotate a home fragrance if you want to get the maximum scent. A good example is if you switch from White Tea to Grapefruit, the aromas are contrasting and the difference is well noticed. Another option is to simply ad the Grapefruit to the White Tea and create your own blend. You can easily do this with our Scent Bars. 

We have thousands of customers that really love the home plug in Scent Blaster. It is so easy to use and can be placed on the floor, a table, counter or shelf. Once you find the "sweet spot" in your home, the machine will be more effective. 

Rotaing your scents is agood idea becuase, you will get used to the same aroma when constantly exposed to it. A good example is being in a gas station and smelling gas, after a little while, you will not smell it. The same goes for sitting in a coffe shop. You certainly smell the coffe upon entering, but then not at all while lingering.

In summary, a nice home scent makes it more pleasant and what you can't smell, others can! SO make sure it is a good scent.