Keep Calm During the Coronavirus Crisis

Posted by CBreeze on 20th Mar 2020

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we are hoping this information will help you stay calm and relaxed.Everyone is in the same boat, so please take a deep breath and do the best you can to stay safe and pass this information along.

Besides this information, you can also visit the CDC site on how to prevent the spread of this virus. CDC Information

1. Take it Easy

Get a much information as possible before you react. This way you will have a better perspective of what to do.  The less emotion you have about a situation, the less stress you will have. Of course it is okay to vent, but try not to let it get the best of you. Remember, "You can't control the wind, but you can set your sails" 

2. Be Positive

It is so easy to see the negative side of things when you are stressed during a crisis. It is always good to prepare and be prepared, but think rationally and try to find the bright side of things. Example ( this corona virus is affecting people and the economy, but I am taking precautions and doing all that is possible for me and my family's safety and well being. 

Remember, people may emulate your strong and make them feel safe. SO in a nutshell, refocus your mind to positive things and that will ease the fear and stress.

Plus, if you reach out to help others with n encouraging word or good deed, you will automatically take stress off yourself. In turn you will be helping other people feel more positive too!

3. Do Not Ask “what if?”

This type of question will not change anything. It will only make you and others feel bad about the crisis. Instead ask: What can we do now to make this better? How can I help myself and others?

4. Nurture Your Body Within

Eat healthy. Know that un-processed foods will feed the cells of your body and keep your energy and immune system strong. If possible, eat berries, broccoli, spinach, apples, avocados (fresh or frozen) they are loaded with antioxidants which help ward off carcinogens and inflammation. 

They also contain fiber to help to control your digestive tract bowel movements and lower cholesterol. Nuts contain a significant amount of protein for energy, good fats and fiber.

Antioxidants, including the polyphenols in nuts, can combat oxidation and  stress by neutralizing free radicals.

5. Disconnect From The Situation

Get away mentally by watching a funny or inspiring movie or read a book of the same. Heck, play a board game or a game of solitaire...whatever can distract you from the situation at least for a while. This will help renew your confidence and energy.

6. Meditate or Breathe to Relax

You can also do Yoga, Tai Chi or slow and deep breathing to relax and gather your senses. There are many resources on the web for these. Also go for a walk, take your dog for a walk, if you don't have a dog borrow your neighbors, or get on a bike and ride! Just keep moving.

7. Ease Up on Caffeine Intake

Too much caffeine may trigger a release of adrenaline, which gives you a burst of energy only to be followed by a crash. This in turn will cause fatigue and irritability. Blend caffeinated coffee with decaf, or simply brew up a relaxing chamomile or lavender tea.

8. Talk to a Friend or Family Member

Call a friend or family and talk things over. Believe it or not, you will probably share some good advise with each other.Two heads are always better than one, as long as you keep your head :) Whether a church member, or social club, friend or family member, you will feel more secure with their support and vice versa.

Also listen to the professional health care personnel so you know the safest procedures to protect your health.

9. Relaxing Music & Scents

Enjoy relaxing music and relaxing scents. Spa music and our relaxing lavender, vanilla or spa scents are wonderful with our Keep Calm Home Package. There are no messy sprays, heat or harmful fumes. It works off of air movement and evaporation. 

Keep Calm Home Package

10. Exercise!

Any kind of exercise will help relieve stress and help you relax more. Whether going for a walk, jumping jacks, treadmill or even stretching and working in the garden or around the house, every little bit will help. Get into a daily routine so you look forward to it.

Exercise will get your blood flowing and clear your mind. If you are on an exercise routine, it helps to release endorphins which create a more positive feeling. This is what you need!

11. Keep Your Humor :)

Humor is contagious in a good way. Try to find some humor in these challenging situations. Example: People are scrambling to stock up on toilet paper. Are they expecting a crappy month? Okay, I am not a stand up comedian but you get it.

12. Above All Keep Your Faith

Good times tend to lull us into sleep and spiritual indifference as though our faith will just take care of itself when the crisis comes. Reach out to God now and say a sincere prayer, he will hear you and if you make this a regular practice, you will develop deep inner peace. Prayers are free and can be said anywhere at anytime!