Scent Marketing For Your Business

Posted by CBreeze on 14th Jul 2019

Scent Marketing is a trendy "buzz word" for air freshener taken to another level. Many large corporations are using a signature scent to brand their business. Just like a visible logo. a particular aroma is developed. This helps identify the brand and create a pleasant aroma.

In turn, the customer experience is enhanced as people browse through the store or even purchase an item with that particular fragrance. Our sense of smell is very powerful because there is no filter. A scent goes right to your emotions and sends a message of positive or negative. ( Pleasure or pain)

This is undeniable and cannot be altered since the like or dislike is based upon an unfiltered emotion. It is very important to have a pleasant aroma in your business. For instance, a bakery automatically has a nice aroma. 

A cotton candy  or waffle cone booth at the fair elicit enticing aromas. Or how about a flower shop with the beautiful scent of lilac or gardenia? That would be the right scent for a flower shop, however flowers in a  fitness area may not be the right scent. You would do better with a clean scent or a light sport spice aroma.

Many hotels have really excelled at adding a good aroma to their environment and feature signature scents. A couple of  very popular ones are white tea and White Tea Fig. Scents and Royal Palm.

Some people worry that a scent may offend  or bother a percentage of their customers. This could happen, but it is an extremely  low percentage. You have to consider that a bad or stale smell will offend a much larger percentage of your guests or customers. Successful businesses know this and have a scenting program in place.

At  Green Air Shop  you will see our Aroma Beam scent machine. The refills are very affordable and it can be wall mounted with the included bracket, or simply placed on the floor, table or counter.The Aroma Beam is controlled with your Bluetooth device  so you can set the time, days and scent level.

There is no risk in trying our products, they all sport a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Some very welcoming and people friendly scents are  grapefruit, white tea, classic linen & applejack.

By scenting your business, you are elevating the customer experience and creating a better impression, plus showing that you care about all that!