Fan Fresh Dispenser Value Pack

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3.25 (in)
8.50 (in)
3.25 (in)
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Product Overview

Attractive and sleek black dispenser for all Scent Bars. C One d battery will last 3 -6 months depending on the setting. Optional plug available if you want to plug unit in. Operates 24/7 or you can change to running only at night in the dark or choose day where it shuts off at night in the dark.

There is a light sensor that controls this feature. If you place it on the wall (hardware is provided) or place on  counter the coverage is 300 - 400 sq. ft. depending on air flow and ceiling height. 

If you plug it in with the optimal plug adapter you will get 500 - 600 sq. ft. coverage form the power of the current.





(No reviews yet) Write a Review