Garbage Deodorizer Kit

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Product Overview

For trash chute rooms on each floor of a building, we recommend the Battery Scent Blaster. 

Simply add one Scent Bar every 4 weeks to counter garbage odors and keep the area smelling good. 

One D alkaline battery last 3 months. 

A good tip is to put the date on a sticker or piece of tape  and stick it on the battery. For instance, if the date is June 12th, then 3 months or 90 days is around September 12th to change the battery. Or you can use your phone calendar as a reminder. 

      You will receive:

  • Scent Blaster Dispenser
  • 1 D Battery
  • 2 Cinnamon Scent Bars
  • 2 Neutral Super Duty Bars

This will be good for 4 months of effective deodorizing of your trash room.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review