Memory Care Scents

Posted by C. Cabrera on 3rd Sep 2017

Visiting a memory care facility can be an unpleasant experience, especially when you have a loved one that is living there. Each resident is a person with an identity, former career, accomplishments , … read more

Scents For Funeral Homes ?

Posted by C Cabrera on 9th Sep 2016

Most people have experienced the loss of a friend or loved one, and had to go down to the funeral home for viewing and making arrangements. Emotions are running very high and every little notion of co … read more

When You're Selling; They're Smelling

Posted by Green Air Team on 22nd Jan 2016

I don't rhyme all of  the time, but the title of this article is right on the money (that you hope to make) for selling a house, car, boat or even a piece of clothing. Seller BEWARE: Even if your … read more

Are You Making People Noseated?

Posted by The Green team on 27th Sep 2015

Is your home or business causing your guests to become" noseated"?"Scent goes straight to your nose receptors through your olfactory bulb and settles in the limbic system of your brain. This is your e … read more

"People Eat With Their Eyes"

Posted by Charlie Cabrera on 14th Sep 2015

A very successful restaurant owner once told me that "People Eat With Their Eyes." He was making a point the the foods served should look beautiful or scrumptious, the restrooms should be sparkling cl … read more