Importance of the Right Scent

Posted by The Green Team on 28th Jul 2015

An interior designer will design and decorate a facility to create a particular ambiance. For example , let’s say that you have an old brick building that will be converted into a bed and breakfast. T … read more
Air Fresheners for Hotels

Air Fresheners for Hotels

Posted by Charlie Cabrera on 19th Jun 2015

How many times have you entered a hotel lobby only to be greeted by a stale or musty smell.This can be an immediate turn off and give a bad first impression.This automatically makes one think that the … read more

Large Area Air Freshener

Posted by The Green Team on 28th Nov 2014

We have received many orders and inquiries about freshening a large area.There are banquet halls, convention areas, hotel lobbies,  churches, fitness centers, clothing stores, and auto showroo … read more

Scent Marketing

Posted by Charlie Cabrera on 11th Oct 2014

Scent Marketing is a modern buzz word referring to increasing sales and branding a certain product with the association of scent. We all know that perfume companies have been doing this for decades... … read more

Ooh! That Dental Smell

Posted by Charlie Cabrera on 8th Sep 2014

Before I delve into this article, I would like to state that dental work today is quite painless and dentists do amazing things cosmetically and for our overall oral health. However due to fear of the … read more